vscode 1.74.0 or later.

You will need an OpenAI API key.


Installing from vsix

Install using the command code --install-extension worldspider-0.0.N.vsix.

The latest vsix file can be downloaded here.

Testing from source

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Run npm install to install dependencies.
  3. Press F5 to open a new window with the extension loaded.

Required settings

After installing, set worldspider.apiKey to your OpenAI API key.

Generating text

To generate continuations from the caret, press Alt+D. To generate infills, select the text you want to replace and press Alt+Shift+D.

Use arrow keys to scroll through completions and hit enter to append the selected completion to the prompt, or click a completion to append it.

If you close the completions dropdown, you can reopen it with Alt+S.

To show the previous batch of completions, press Alt+Left. To show the next batch of completions, press Alt+Right.

Token logprobs

To view token logprobs, hover over model-generated text. If worldspider.generation.echo is set to true, you can also hover over the prompt to view token logprobs.

You can also highlight text and press Alt+P to view token logprobs without generating completions.


You can change any keybindings by going to File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and searching for worldspider.


If you find the completion dropdown too small, you can change the size of the dropdown by setting editor.suggestLineHeight to larger number of lines (16 is default).

If you have Copilot enabled at the same time as Worldspider, you will also get inline Copilot suggestions, which does not interfere with Worldspider’s functionality but may be confusing.