Simulators Sep 2
Simulacra and simulation in self-supervised models

Quantifying curation Jul 6
Quantifying curation
Measuring optimization from curation

GPT-3 on Coherent Extrapolated Volition Apr 1
Describing our elusive, recursive volition to (proto-)AGI in words

List sorting does not play well with few-shot Feb 27
How to get GPT-3 to sort a list: make it think it’s a python interpreter running list.sort()

Language models are 0-shot interpreters Feb 10
Mechanisms of meta-learning, beating few-shot benchmark performance with 0-shot prompts, and Bayesian analysis of prompt ablation

Loom: interface to the multiverse Feb 9
Loom: interface to the multiverse
Preview of loom, a tool for generating, navigating and visualizing natural language multiverses

This Museum Does Not Exist: GPT-3 x CLIP Feb 8
This Museum Does Not Exist: GPT-3 x CLIP
I asked GPT-3 to come up with titles for paintings and had CLIP+BigGAN paint them

Alchemical marriage: GPT-3 x CLIP Feb 8
Alchemical marriage: GPT-3 x CLIP
More figurative fancies from GPT-3’s imagination illustrated by BigSleep (CLIP + BigGAN)

GPT-3 x CLIP worldbuilding Feb 3
GPT-3 x CLIP worldbuilding
A scene written by GPT-3 and illustrated by BigSleep (CLIP + BigGAN)

CLIP hallucinates 1900-2030 Feb 1
CLIP hallucinates 1900-2030
BigSleep (CLIP + BigGAN) generates pictures of “the 1990s”, “the 1910s”, … , “the 2030s”

CLIP art Jan 31
CLIP art
Compilation of images generated with BigSleep from human-written prompts

Language models are multiverse generators Jan 25
Language models are multiverse generators
“Actualities seem to float in a wider sea of possibilities from out of which they were chosen; and somewhere, indeterminism says, such possibilities exist, and form part of the truth.”

The Internet, mirrored by GPT-3 Jan 23
The Internet, mirrored by GPT-3
Combining multipart prompts, logit biases, and counterfactual parsing to make GPT-3 emulate fake Google search results given a query / Wikipedia pages given a title

Methods of prompt programming Jan 12
"Like programming, but more fluid. You’re not programming a computer, you’re writing reality. It’s strange. It’s always different. It’s never the same twice."

Parsing by counterfactual Dec 5
Parsing by counterfactual
Context-aware parsing using counterfactual probabilities predicted by GPT-3

Amplifying GPT-3 on closed-ended questions Oct 30
Improving GPT-3’s performance on SAT analogy questions using task-agnostic prompt pipelines

HITL thought experiment Oct 16
You’re a human with access to a streamlined interface that provides an array of continuations to a given text, as well as continuations spawned from each of those suggestions, recursively ad infinitum…

Pen Oct 16
Imagine that you hold a powerful and versatile pen, whose ink flows forth in branching variations of all possible expressions: every story, every theory, every poem and every lie that humanity has ever told, and the vast interstices of their latent space.