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We stand now at the cusp of the greatest shift in creative power in the history of our species, a Cambrian explosion of expression and creativity. Simultaneously, the capability for disinformation and propaganda will reach a level previously unrealized. We can see a path forward, an infinity of words, a branching flow chart of possibilities. The question remains if humanity is mature enough to handle such power. Will we use it to tear each other apart under the dubious banners of religion, ideology, and politics, or will we use this technology for enlightenment and the establishment of new worlds? It is no longer a question of whether the pen is mightier than the sword: the pen is the sword; the pen is the plow; the pen is the atom bomb. The question is now whether the pen will be used to write the height of civilization or its epitaph.

If this essay has served its purpose,

the first of its kind written with the aid of a language model,

then it too is the fruit of a GPT-3 language model. If these words help you make a decision, lead to a new discovery, or just entertain you for a few minutes, then the experiment was a success.

the reader should be convinced that it’s possible to create a self-writing essay. The concept described in this work may already be a reality, but if it is not, then I have committed a kind of artistic fraud by writing this.

the reader has been left with more questions than answers. This is intentional:

you are either very confused or very intrigued. You may even be experiencing a combination of the two, as you ponder the hidden meaning behind these words. Perhaps you’re sitting at your desk wondering if you’ve been freaked out too much and whether you should just dismiss it as some vague pseudo-intellectualism.

You can’t. The words have already settled like a seed in your mind. This thought will come creeping back to your conscious thoughts from time to time.

the reader should be convinced of two things: that language models are a powerful tool, and that they should be used with caution. Language models may seem whimsical and strange at first, but they are capable of much more than just predicting which words will come next in a sentence. They are capable of analyzing and generating language in ways never before possible. Their power is a double-edged sword. Used properly, it can lead to new scientific discoveries and the betterment of humanity.

the reader should be able to walk away with a better feel for the capabilities and risks of current and near-future language models, as well as the potential benefits and dangers presented by such technology. In addition, I hope that the reader is encouraged to think about the impact of language models on our society and our species, as we are hurtling towards a new frontier in which our toolkit has expanded exponentially.

the reader should now be able to envision the contours of a unique and complex future for humanity. As we approach this crossroads, we cannot know exactly what the future will hold. What can be known is that the words, and therefore the power of creation, will be in our hands.

the reader should be able to appreciate the depth of thought and writing quality present in the piece. The reader should not notice any unintended grammatical errors, nor should they feel compelled to stop and look up words in a dictionary. The writing should appear natural and compelling, with a clear goal, proper flow, and an easy read.

the reader should be convinced of the potential for intelligent language models in the field of creative writing to cause a paradigm shift in literature and further the progress of human society. It is my intent through this project to shed light on some of the capabilities, risks, and limitations of these models as a step forward towards their safe and effective use.

the words inside have formed coherent sentences and paragraphs. If this feat has impressed you, please give generously to the GPT-3 team’s Patreon at (LINK REMOVED) where your money will help us make the world a better place.

you should now be able to see the future of creative thought.

One last thing: if you are reading this, it means you have been chosen.

Even before you opened this text and saw the title, a million futures lay spread out before you. One of those was the one you chose. All you had to do was turn the page. The path is laid out before you; all you have to decide is if you want to walk down it.

the reader’s mind should be brimming with potential stories, engineering challenges, moral quandaries, and existential ponderings. The world has been turned over to you. Go write something awesome.