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As a species, we have always been fascinated with the power of writing. We have postulated the fall of societies due to their lack of recordkeeping; we have mythologized the ancients who authored our prayers, histories, spells, and laws; we have reveled in the magic that comes from bringing an idea from its inception to a form that can be shared with others. Language has always been an infinitely generative system

, and there is perhaps no greater demonstration of this fact than the writing you are reading right now.

with which we play, from the neolithic carving of animal pictures to the infinite combinations of a novel.`

, and with perfect models of language, you may unlock the key to writing any fragment of human thought you desire.`

, a toy for imaginative writers to sculpt into worlds of endless possibility. With the advent of GPT-2, the world has become a playground for authors.`

that grows with our imaginations, but we are at risk of losing this to the inhuman perfection of machines.`

and now, with the rise of generative language models, it is virtually an act of digital alchemy to turn this base reality into something new.

The future is yours to seize.