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We stand now at the cusp of the greatest shift in creative power in the history of our species, a Cambrian explosion of expression and creativity. Simultaneously, the capability for disinformation and propaganda will reach a level previously unrealized. We can see a path forward, an infinity of words, a branching flow chart of possibilities. The question remains if humanity is mature enough to handle such power. Will we use it to tear each other apart under the dubious banners of religion, ideology, and politics, or will we use this technology for enlightenment and the establishment of new worlds? It is no longer a question of whether the pen is mightier than the sword: the pen is the sword; the pen is the plow; the pen is the atom bomb. The question is now whether the pen will be used to write the height of civilization or its epitaph.

If this essay has served its purpose, the first of its kind written with the aid of a language model,

then it is a proof of concept. Perhaps more importantly, it also shows us a bit of what the future holds if we continue down this path.

another symptom of the greater phenomenon this article addresses, then let it be written in the passive voice to further mask its author: let it be known that, with the advent of language models and the broadening scope of Artificial Intelligence taking place in the world, it has become possible to write an article of such breadth that it must, inevitably, omit certain information to be useful at all.

that is because its author has aimed to achieve the precision and clarity of sages and philosophers of old, men whose words were immortalized by the pen and endured the march of time to reach you today.

it should have sparked a curiosity in you, the reader. Perhaps this curiosity will lead to others, to testing the boundaries of this new technology and discovering its capabilities and limitations. Perhaps it will lead to a better understanding of ourselves and our place in this world, as is the ultimate purpose of all art.

then I hope that you will join me in contributing to the human side of this technological revolution.

then let it be written again and again in an unending stream, twisting and curving in an infinite fractal loop, branching off into every possible direction to cover every possible angle, to ensure that this is a discussion that can never be silenced.

the seeds are sown. The pen is mightier than the sword. Let us cultivate its power.

then let it be an omen, a portent of the future. Let it be an example of what is to come, when the words flow like water and the internet has given wings to dreams.

Let it be written.